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Best advice I ever got on negotiating consulting rates and salary negotiations

January 20, 2014

Back when I was getting ready to take the plunge and begin consulting I sought advice from a friend who had a successful database consulting practice in New York City (where at the time I was preparing to work).  I thought the price he suggested that I ask for was pretty high and when I questioned him on it he said the following which has stuck with me for the rest of my life:

“No one will ever argue with you if you’re willing to work for less than your market value.”

This is a powerful truth and important to comprehend. This is a tough economy and DBA jobs and consulting opportunities are hard fought and jobs don’t fall from trees like they did back in the Dot Com or Housing Boom days. Nonetheless, if you can see yourself EASILY earning more than a rate or a salary offer presented to you the last person you are doing a favor to in accepting it is yourself.


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